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Boots/Trainers Combo - 1 Pair of Each Style

Boots/Trainers Combo - 1 Pair of Each Style

£44.00 Regular Price
£27.99Sale Price
A fantastic combination of both indoor and outdoor styles to make sure your child can learn and have fun, no matter the weather! One pair of rubber soled trainers for indoor/firm ground use and one pair of moulded stud boots for outdoor/soft ground use.  The boots come in a range of children's sizes and come complete with FREE printed booklet which will help you have the most fun with your star footballer!  You will also have access to our valuable FREE video tutorials to really help your child improve!

FREE shipping! (within UK)
FREE instruction booklet!
FREE video tutorials!

Give your child a head start on the pitch and make sure they don't get left behind!
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