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 The football boots & trainers that

 help children learn, for 4-7 year olds.


  • Improve your child's ability & confidence

  • Easy and fun learning for your child

  • YOU can help your child learn new skills

  • Give your child a head start 

  • Helps teach 'left from right'

  • Fun, comfortable & durable design

  • Easy, practical velcro fastening

  • Indoor & outdoor styles available

  • Wide range of children sizes

  • Easy to-use FREE 'teaching' resources

Improve ability, have fun



Many young children struggle to understand or remember which parts of the feet they should use to pass, shoot, turn or dribble.  Our boots with their unique colour contact zones will help every child learn football's key skills quickly and easily.

You'll help your child learn



No matter the amount of football experience you have, you'll be able to start the fun learning process with your child using the boots and our free, easy-to-use printed and video resources.  You can spend quality time together teaching your child great skills and tricks!

Give your child a head start


Just imagine what your child could go on to achieve if they can master football's key skills from a very young age!  Our boots have been created by a pro football coach & pro club scout who has coached with English Premier League and Championship teams.

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